Maze fortress of impassable walls,
broken only in secret places.
Fallen boulders, frightening voids,
segmented towers, balancing rocks.

Adaptable Raven finds a home here.
Inaccessible alcove for an apartment.
Gleaming black eye not seen, sees all.
Announces visitors with raucous calls.

Perfectly fit to this vertical world,
soars along the hot, sun-baked walls.
Effortless heat-driven flight.
Mysterious mission, swiftly carried out.

Black flyer of the desert screams aloud.
Reputation of trickster, nothing to hide.
Thief, absconds with anything he wants.
Builds hidden hoards in those high holes.

Awake at all hours, watcher in the walls.
Silent moonlight walk in the canyon,
broken by clanks and bonks in the night.
The old one is smiling at his good joke.

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