Soft Stomach

Hard to know the exact beginning.
Sailing, ride at the fair,
flying, reading in the car.
Feeling good, life is okay.
Then notice a slight heaviness
in the sinuses, below the ears.

Comes a sudden switch, uh oh!
Life not okay now, not by far.
Downhill fast after that.
It goes to the stomach,
probably’ll have to throw up.
Happened before, orange stuff.

Back up to the frontal lobe,
eyes won’t focus, reeling dizzy.
Close eyes and the world spins.
Comes dry heaves, again, again.
Confusion, cold sweats,
death is looking alright.

There it stays, a minute or two,
maybe a day, maybe more,
depends on circumstances.
Some space shuttle crew say
had it the whole trip, weeks.
Wishing for death the whole time.

Death doesn’t come, never does.
An hour later, two, feeling okay.
Ready to forget how bad it was.
Live to do it again, and again.
Maybe some day learn,
same action gets same results.

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