Crazy Ape

A crazy ape
inhabits Earth now.
Others are like him,
but this one’s crazy.

Seems he was first
to read and write,
but that didn’t help,
didn’t make him wise.

Not learning much,
how to get along.
Hasn’t learned
the Golden Rule.

Has many ideas,
some pretty good,
but can’t agree on
anything important.

Doesn’t know he’s
in mortal trouble,
unless he learns
respect all others.

All others.

The Ride

Big Island east shore evening,
rich tropical deep green shadow.
Late sun dappling through the palms,
scattering bright shafts in the shade.

Benign warm air, warm water welcoming
with its smell of life’s beginning.
Waves, swells rolling in from out there,
playful confusion, energy in motion.

Swell outside rising, darkens, promising,
turn quickly, get down, paddle hard.
Familiar stiff push from behind, stand.
Crest lifts, the fluid hillside appears.

Flying now, down the glass smooth slope.
Balance is right on, lean to turn
far out over the shining dark surface,
rock and coral bottom, mottled green light.

Time slows perceptibly, then dramatically.
Smooth bottom turn glides by underfoot
there is no end, time ceases.
Exquisite infusion of life force.

The Way Out

Real scares must pass,
having material limits.

Mind scares grow,
grow until faced

Look at this buggaboo,
What really is it?

A gully cat maybe?
Armed and omnipotent?

Probably not,
more likely a ghost.

Lacking substance,
can’t bear a look.

Vanishes, dissolves.
Unreal, unfounded.

Bundle of Ecstasy

First breakfast, satisfied.
Body massage must follow.

Elevate a hippy low back.
Exquisite rub center and sides.
Repeat that low back goodness,
again and again, benefit adds.

Now best side stretch happy rub,
squirming in the warm angles.

Pleasure may grow out of control,
causing a blind passion attack.
Claws and teeth like lightning,
confused, run away, drunk on joy.

Returns gratefully for more.
Head bump says, “I’m back…”

Soft, gentle, stretching now.
Belly, sides, around the ears,
chest, underarms, so comfortable,
close to sublimity.

In the end just floating away
on an endless sea of satisfaction.


Maze fortress of impassable walls,
broken only in secret places.
Fallen boulders, frightening voids,
segmented towers, balancing rocks.

Adaptable Raven finds a home here.
Inaccessible alcove for an apartment.
Gleaming black eye not seen, sees all.
Announces visitors with raucous calls.

Perfectly fit to this vertical world,
soars along the hot, sun-baked walls.
Effortless heat-driven flight.
Mysterious mission, swiftly carried out.

Black flyer of the desert screams aloud.
Reputation of trickster, nothing to hide.
Thief, absconds with anything he wants.
Builds hidden hoards in those high holes.

Awake at all hours, watcher in the walls.
Silent moonlight walk in the canyon,
broken by clanks and bonks in the night.
The old one is smiling at his good joke.

The Course

Born little
we were best.
We had joy,
were joy.

Grow, improve.
No great good
ever follows.
Hide from that.

Goals distract.
Plans, nonreality,
pulling inward.
Out of touch.

Always the Now.
Best be there.
Helping another,
that alone works.

Treetop Raven II

Wild gray windy,
winter raw day.
Raven goes dancing
at the tip of a pine.
Raven is always
just messing around.

Crazy gangling dance
riding turbulent air.
Head reaching down,
legs long extended,
Raven is jostled,
wings tight folded.

Improbable collection
of sharp black angles.
Neck straining low,
feet alternately reach.
That makes the dance,
left, right, left, right.

He touches, air tumbles.
Raven topples, bobs,
bounces back up.
Game to do it again.
Raven is always
just messing around.

Soft Stomach

Hard to know the exact beginning.
Sailing, ride at the fair,
flying, reading in the car.
Feeling good, life is okay.
Then notice a slight heaviness
in the sinuses, below the ears.

Comes a sudden switch, uh oh!
Life not okay now, not by far.
Downhill fast after that.
It goes to the stomach,
probably’ll have to throw up.
Happened before, orange stuff.

Back up to the frontal lobe,
eyes won’t focus, reeling dizzy.
Close eyes and the world spins.
Comes dry heaves, again, again.
Confusion, cold sweats,
death is looking alright.

There it stays, a minute or two,
maybe a day, maybe more,
depends on circumstances.
Some space shuttle crew say
had it the whole trip, weeks.
Wishing for death the whole time.

Death doesn’t come, never does.
An hour later, two, feeling okay.
Ready to forget how bad it was.
Live to do it again, and again.
Maybe some day learn,
same action gets same results.

Dawn Shining

Days of rain then a bright dawn.
All things are rejoicing,
bursting with new water life,
clothed in radiant garments.

Water and sun, sponsors of life
exult in quiet euphoria.
Their power so palpable,
the very stones and air respond.

Morning glory in the mist.
Dewdrops on grass and leaves
capture then amplify
the sun’s glorious gift of light.

Sparkling jewels on all creation.
Most diamond bright white,
but the rainbow is here, too,
rubies, sapphires, emeralds.

In one shining alcove,
gleaming brightest of all,
intense brilliant blue…
shines like Sirius at night.